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Essentially what we do however very good at moving all sorts of other things so it is generally worth asking and we'll try to help
We have an assortment of covers for all types of items
We take pride in our gear and pride in what we do
Packing into a storage bin without damage is a skill.
Behind us? We'll get a move on.
Full houselot on the truck
Model D Steinway from the Regent Theatre 8'11" and 480kg of quality
That was the easy bit. It's off the truck. Now it's 28 internal stairs low height and a 180 degree turn. The joys of being a piano mover.
After the low height section it's up on it's end for the tight turn
You won't get six burly guys around a piano in a staircase this narrow so experience is key.
On the home straight. Three more doorways from the top of the stairs. Yet another successful move
We don't like getting photos taken but enjoy working together and do laugh a fair bit. Alex is a little tea pot.